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"djay Pro" on iPad for entire evening!

I just used Djay Pro on iPad successfully for a multi-hour DJ session on Friday!

The app worked great - I used the app together with Reloop's 33i Mixer, which provides a split cable out of the box. Due to this setup, I could also hook up other gear on the mixer - which gave me some options. However, also the sound from the mixer/iPad combination was well received, even though it was done without a direct interface but rather using the provided split cable.

The only downside was that my music library is huge and this lead to some issues with finding the right songs in the library. The search capabilities are only basic and also the result list is not nice. Also the iTunes sorting of albums/collections was weird to me - as I was used to other DJ software on PC before.

Now for the sorting, I will update my library - however, for the searching it would be great if Algoriddim would provide some more search/filter features when looking for tracks in the library. I think this is already addressed.

So let's keep up the good work guys! :-)
  • Good work. I've done a few gigs now with the iPad pro and the Reloop Mixon 4 - Its been faultless. The ONLY thing I don't like is the frequencies of the bass, mid and treble adjustment aren't as good as a pioneer mixer. When you cut the bass there is too much bleed. But hey - If Algoriddim took apart a pioneer mixer and duplicated it... they would be in the game 100%
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