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I’m frustrated

BPM / Grid Set not working correctly, now unfixable using the pencil tool

My track’s BPM grid was completely fine up until about a week ago. Now almost every song I play has the wrong BPM analysis (its either a beat different or worse still, only half a second off). When the BPM of the song is less than half a beat off it means using the pencil (to edit where the songs BPM starts) doesn’t work. This problem clearly must be fixable as it only started playing up a week ago. I have emailed and not had response, please fix this.
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  • David (Official Rep) April 16, 2019 21:01
    Thanks for your note. To get to the bottom of this we need a few more infos. Could you please let us know the following:
    - which version of djay are you using and on which OS? (e.g. djay Pro 2.0.11 on macOS 10.14)
    - are you using djay across multiple platforms (e.g. on Mac + iOS)?
    - is the issue you are seeing only visible in the beat grid or is the actual BPM value incorrect as well (e.g. 108 BPM displayed for a track that should be 120 BPM)
    - can you please send an example song where you observe the above to
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