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Bring external mixer mode routing to iOS Djay Pro

Now it's official, the latest Rane Seventy Two mixer is a Class-Compliant dual soundcard.

That makes the list of potentially iOS compatible popular Pro mixers longer :
- Denon 1800 Prime
- NI Kontrol Z2
- Mixars Duo
- Mixars Quadro
- Rane Seventy Two
- Rane MP2015
- Rane MP2014
- Rane 57Mkii
- Reloop RMX-90
- Xone PX5
- and probably many others, those are the most notable.

If Algoriddim adds external mixer mode routing, all of these mixers will instantly be natively supported by Djay.

Pros will be able to embrace Djay in those use cases :
- Backup host device in case of main laptop crash
- Hybrid usage of both main laptop and djay for some channels (for example when you want to drop a song from Spotify)
- Actual laptop-less mode main host Doing software.

I have already tested those use cases with my MP2014 and DJ Player and it works very well. Since iOS 10 and the latest USB Camera Kit firmware, there's not even need of a hub, you just connect and it works and if you have the latest USB3 Camera Kit, you can even charge your iOS device while it's connected to the mixer.

Besides of that, as you're in external mode, you don't even need a mapping and the mixer's built-in filters and FX are available !

Those use cases are like a Trojan horse for Djay to enter the Pro booths.

Think about it ! Seriously !
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