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I’m frustrated

Bug with Tempo Fader - Unwanted jumps by 0% to +2%

When using a rotary on a midi-controller to change the tempo, it makes unnecessary jumps from 0% to +2% or from 0% to -2%. After this "jump" I'm able to change the speed normally by 1 bpm steps.

No matter what settings I use, the problem persist. Normally the user should be able to change the tempo smoothly from 0% to 0,1% and so on.

Pleas dev-team fix that. That's really annoying. Doesn't make fun manually matching the speed this way :(

Midi-Settings I use:
Midi-Action: Tempo
Control-Type: Rotary (01h/7Fh)
Speed: 20%

Some details:
Using DJay Pro 2.0.10 on the latest MacOS Mojave
Midi-Controller: Allen & Heath Zone:K2

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