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I’m Undecided

Creating Playlists in djay Pro for Mac

I am preparing my gigs each week with creating playlists.
The issue is that I can only create these lists in iTunes but not in Day Pro.
But in iTunes I do not have information like BPM.

So it is really a mess having to switch to iTunes in order to create a playlist while there not seeing all necessary information.

I would prefer - like in Serato DJ - to have the opportunity of creating playlists in Djay Pro and afterwards maybe export the as iTunes-playlists.

Currently I am really undecided whether to switch to Serato DJ (names for hotcues and saved loops and Crates) while on the otherhand DJay Pro has Spotify integration - by far better than Pulselocker. If Djay Pro would get these missing professional features the decision would be clear.
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