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Hi, i need some advice on something
I have to choose between 2 things :
1. VDJ 8 PRO + Audio subscription
2. DJAY PRO + spotify (which i have)
I have a hercules dj air control
I need to know what's the best to choose random songs from
What do you guys experts recommend ?
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  • If you are asking in this forum the answer is pretty clear.... Djay Pro!!!
    But if you ask the same in a Virtual DJ Forum i'm guessing the answer will be different.

    But for what I can say, Algoriddim is on a good track especially on IOS and MAC, I cannot comment on PC or Android though.

    In my opinion it wont take too long before they will be seen as a legit competitor in the DJ Software game. They are (in their own pace :P ) continuesly improving the Software!

    And since they managed to secure the deal with spotify pretty early on, they are at the forefront of streaming Djs, something the other companies are only starting to catch up on.
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