DJAY2 Analyze popup dialogue box Issue (appears to hang with large track database).

First of all. Thank you for adding the Analyze function, it has saved me a lot of time.

Problem 1

DJAY2 appears to hang when analyzing large track database (but it doesn't)

When DJAY2 is looking though your tracks for something to analyze it doesn't pop up the dialogue box until it finds the first UN-analyzed track and this function CANNOT be canceled until the dialogue box pops up.

So. As in my case having 7300 tracks that are already analyzed and pressing the analyze button it takes 2 mins and 12 seconds for the dialogue box to pop up and let me know there was nothing to analyze and allow me to press cancel and continue.
I then added some tracks that needed to be analyzed it took the 2 min 12sec then popped up the dialogue box and shows the new tracks being analyzed.

This wont appear to be such a problem with small playlists but I use "date added" alot which is the full database. It is also the reason that others have thought that Djay2 had crashed and rebooted!!!!

Problem 2
The Analyze button (that shouldn't be used during a live set) is far too close to the Sort button (that gets used all the time). So when I pressed the analyze button in a live set by mistake I had to wait 2 mins 12 secs before I could put on the next track for a pissed crowd ;-)


1: You need to popup the dialogue box as soon as the Analyze button is pressed which will let the user know that something is happening and give the user the option of canceling the function immediately if it was a mistake or during if it is taking too long or the user wants to do something else.

2: Please move the Analyze button to the opposite end of the Sort button (that gets used all the time), and then it wont get hit by mistake.

Thanks for a great product.
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