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DJay 2 Crashed

So I played my first live show last night using the iDJ Pro and DJay 2, and encountered a few problems.

First off, is there a way to re-analyze songs? I replaced some low-quality songs in my library, but during the show they wouldn't load, and stuttered the sound.

Shortly after atempting, DJay just shut down on me mid song. Seriously DJay 1 was so solid and then DJay 2 is frail and unreliable.

If you don't fix the BPM analysis soon you should simply update DJay 1 to have some of the features of 2, notably the album art next to every song the super handy Queue playlist system. Because right now I cannot use your product. It's too damn unreliable. Which makes it worthless, when it could be absolutely phenomenal.
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