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I’m hopeful

Dynamic Queues A potential work around/compromise to Spotify non live issue that would likely make both Spotify makers and Djay users happy

I completely get the whole sandbox issue with Spotify as it pertains to having an offline library and needing to be connected to the internet. My idea would not violate that. Nor would it be illegal.

What if DJay made the queue list dynamic instead of static. This means they treat songs moved into queue like they are when they are loaded onto decks? This also means that the queue list goes away if the session ends. So you may want to turn your queue lists into playlists if you need them beyond the current session.

This would still preserve the notion that I cannot have an offline Spotify library but it would treat songs in queue just like they are loaded on a deck and part of my current session (which they are). If I end my session those songs are not available unless I hook up to the internet again and either load them to a deck or put them back in the queue.

Making the queue list dynamic seems that it would be the perfect compromise.
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