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Inconsistent BPM analysis across djay platforms, esp with Drum n Bass tracks

I am getting BPM analysis issues, it seems with drum and bass tracks in particular.

Djay on the Mac seems to be analysing some DnB tracks at 2/3 time, most of the tracks should be 80-85 BPM or 160-170 BPM... but I am getting some at 127 (if my maths is correct that is in the middle of the 2 BPMs they should be).
Also I am getting different analysis results across djay platforms... it seems only the Mac version is the problem child, whilst the i-device versions are fine.

Roni Size - Brown Paper Bag: djay Mac = 127 BPM / djay iPhone = 85 BPM
Track is taken from same iTunes library in both cases. 85 is the right result.

There needs to be some sort of reset / re-analyse feature on the BPM.
Why would different platforms of the app get different results?

It is very hard to mix a track analysed in 2/3rd time...
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