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I’m Anxious

Is there a way to combine DJ Pro and DJ Pro 2 database without loosing anything?

Is there a way to make history/cue marks remain common between DJ Pro and DJ Pro 2. When I installed DJ Pro 2 I was able to import DJ Pro History and CUE. I was hoping that there would be a way to merge the data. I would prefer if I used either one they would show up in the other other. If I add a cue or play a set in one those cues and sets are not in the other. This means they are out of sync.

I did not discover this until recently. When I was wondering why certain things I had done had no history or the cues seemed to be lost. Then I remembered that for some time I continued to use DJ Pro at gigs until I was comfortable with DJ Pro 2. Now the two data bases are out of sync.

Any way to put humpty back together?
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