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Itunes Playlists and Spotify playlists


Mostly i use Spotify with Djay pro on my iPad, however when the wireless is weak in certain places where i play, i go back to iTunes playlists and i play from there.
Well, obviously i have like 700 tracks on iTunes playlists and about 7000 on Spotify playlists. Time after time, when i brought a track to add to my iTunes playlist, i go to Spotify and search it to add to a playlist on Spotify.
The thing is that all my 'physical' tracks that i have in iTunes, i have on spotify stream in a special list i call Spotify backup, wish means when i don't have a good signal strength i know i could jump to iTunes tab and play.
Last week, on my laptop, i went to file>import playlists> iTunes. Every thing went well on the laptop. I thought that will happen the same on the iPad since that my again 'physical' music is there. I know there are some tracks greyed out on my laptop, cause Spotify don't has it, or it shows is a Local file, till here all good.
My problem is that after i import all my iTunes playlists on Spotify, my iPad ( and a wait to sync a good amount of time ) doesn't show the tracks, any track, just say No Songs, but off course they are there on iTunes, i know that. To me is a very simple way to not change every time i don't have wi-fi, have all my songs (My Music and Spotify)in one place or in one sided playlists. Hopping i've explained myself, if its to confused, i attach a pic that tries to explain better my issue...
Thanks in advance...
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