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Looping pad resume point

Hey there, I was wondering if there was any way of making the playback resume from the point where a loop has been released. I found that, when using the loop pad, for example, if I hold the loop, when released, the track jumps to the time where it should have been had the loop not played instead of resuming playback as usual.

For example, lets say the playback head is at 00:24 and I hold a 4-beat loop for 6 seconds. Assuming a 120 bpm track, each loop would take 2 s, the playhead would loop 3 times from 00:24 to 00:26, so, whenever I release the loop, playback should resume from that interval, but I find that playback would resume from 00:24 +00:06 = 00:30.

Is there any way this behavior can be changed so that playback doesn't go past the loop?

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