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Love This Software!

Let me say that I've only been using Djay Pro2 for a day now and I love it. I've been using Virtual DJ for about 15 years and wanted a software that integrates with Spotify. Virtual DJ does this but with a major limitation. Anyway, I'm not much on making change when something works but I had to give this a try. I had Djay Pro1 and used it rarely, mainly for Spotify. Last evening I decided why not and just go for it. The user interface was simple to learn. What I mean by this is I went to an event (wedding reception) and was able to pull it off with little learning curve. In the past I would use iTunes for my dinner/cocktail music in "robot" mode and then use Virtual DJ for my main mixes and party djing. With this new Djay2 Pro I was able to use it exclusively for dinner & cocktails "robot mode" and then for my main dance mixes like I did in Virtual DJ. There's a few quarky things I don't like or would improve on personally but I really like this software and with the Spotify integration this is now my "standalone" software from here on out. I'll be making suggestions for new features but right now this is very well done! Thanks!