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make my own packs for the new looper page

hello there, i have just got a subscription for the latest djay app with the pro features, and my specific reason was to take advantage of the looper page. i normally use Ableton Live and a laptop to fulfil this function so this is a godsend.
However, i want to use my own sounds in that page and this is where i have trouble.
ive copied a few samples into the app via iTunes file sharing, but i can't seem to find any button anywhere that will let me either replace existing loops , or build a new set of loops from scratch.
so if someone knows where the magic button is for that i would be very satisfied and could get on with preparing for new year. i have trawled this forum, the faq, the video playlist, the manual, and can't find anything to point me in the right direction.
hope you can help me. thanks in advance
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