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I’m frustrated

Please make the Cue Point quantization more forgiving.

It's very hard to jump to a cue point, while a song is playing, and have it sync seamlessly. In fact, it often throws a mix that is in sync out of sync. I noticed there is a slight quantization when setting cue points while a song is playing but not for when I'm playing them back. is there a way to turn on quantization for playing cue points? Is there a way to set that quantization to something more forgiving, like 1/4 bar (4 beats to a bar) or 1 bar?
I see a round button with a pencil in it at the right end of the "CUE POINTS" window, for editing cue points. I think having a quantize on/off button at the left end of the "CUE POINTS" window could be a good place for it.
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