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Setup with CDJ 2000 and DJM900NXS as Mixer Controller. Does it work? What do I need?


I am going to play at a friends' wedding in the US. I am using a midi Controller whenever I want to DJ with Deejay Pro2. Problem is I dont want to take this thing with me.. BUT at the wedding venue is a setup of 2CDJ2000 and a DJM900NXS.

I am reading alot about setting DeejayPro up with CDJs and found out that I will need to connect them to my Mac using USB to use them as Midi Controller for the Decks. Got that part. But what I cannot find out or understand is how to put the mixer in the setup.

Do I need to connect my Mac's audio-out to the mixer? How will i be able to control the Faders? Do I need to use a 3rd USB Cable? Do I need an External Soundcard?

I would really appreciate some help here because I am kind of nervous about it since I cant just go there and try it out...

Kind regards and thx in advance
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  • Lukas E (Official Rep) April 12, 2019 07:50
    Hi Peter,

    Thank you for your post.

    The setup sounds perfect as djay Pro 2 supports both the two CDJs and DJM Mixer natively.

    I would recommend connecting the two CDJs both via a USB cable to your Mac.
    Use the CDJs Audio out to send the audio signal to the DJM.

    Djay will guide you through the setup of the CDJs and the External Mixer (DJM900NXS).

    You can also read on how to setup an CDJ in our manual, follow this link and go to page 94 "Setting up your CDJs".

    Have fun at the party

    Lukas E.
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    • Peter don’t worry is really easy.
      Just start dj pro, connect the first cdj with the usb cable and press link I will automatically link to the first deck repeat the operations with the second cdj and you are ready for your set
    • Lukas E (Official Rep) April 16, 2019 10:50
      Thank you Gian :)

      Cheers,Lukas E.
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