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Smoke machine causing songs to freeze?

Any one else had issues with songs freezing when the smoke machine is triggered?

I have experienced this a few times now, and confirmed it at the weekend during a short gig at a childrens party. Pressed the smoke machine and the song stopped there and then! I had to load another song on to the deck to be able to play again as the play/pause button was unresponsive on that deck after the freeze. This happened twice within the space of 10 minutes.

Djay pro 2, Macbook Pro, Pioneer SB2 controller into mixer and through to PA speakers. Very simple set up.

I had the smoke machine plugged in to the same power cord as the mixing desk, but my Macbook WAS NOT plugged into mains power - i was running off the battery. The trigger for the smoke machine was lying right beside the DJ controller.

I moved the smoke machine away from my set up to it's own plug and kept the trigger away from everything and it never happened again.

This happened to me during a new years party and I had a sneaky suspicion that the smoke machine had something to do with the freeze, so usually I keep it well away from everything and hence never had a problem.

Could it be something in the trigger interfering with my controller?
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