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I’m frustrated

Spotify playlist Folders don't work with djay Pro? They are ignored.

I have round about 100 Playlists in my Spotify Account.
They are sorted in sections like NEW, BEST OF and very different Styles like HIP-HOP OLDSCHOOL, HIP-HOP NEW, ELECTRO, ROCK, POP, ALTERNATIVE etc......

But in djay the doesn't show up?
When i go to the spotify playlist section all my playlists are listed without the sorting i explained above.
The big Problem is now finding the right song in the right playlist is a horror without the folders because now i have to scroll through all my playlists...... It would be so much easier for example to find a HIP-HOP OLDSCHOOL song if i would only open the 10 playlists in this folder than scrolling hundreds of lists to find the right one....

Any idea i can show my spotify playlist folders in djay?

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