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Supported controllers for iPad Pro 2018 (USB-C) and Djay Pro 2.x

Hi all,

Since I own a iPad Pro 2018 with usb-c, I can’t use my Numark iDJ pro anymore.

I am aware of the official list of supported controllers on the Algoriddim website but there are 2 things which are not clear :

1/ are all controllers in the iOS list supported on iPad Pro 2018 (the Numark iDJ pro isn’t) with a usb-c to usb-a or usb-b adapter ?

2/ is this list for djay Pro 3.x only or 2.x also ? I am happy with the 2.x version and I don’t need to upgrade.

I am really keen to buy a pioneer controller like the ddj-400 but I want to be sure it’ll work with my version of djay pro.

Also what will happen if I plug a ddj-1000, which is not in the supported list ?

Many thanks,

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