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I’m Sad

Visualizers on the new Djay for IOS and the new usb-c iPad pro

I am using the new subscribed djay for ios with a new ipad pro and the usb-c av adapter with usb-a connected on the beatpad 2, and hdmi out to TV.
Everything works fine and is really exciting to see synchronized visuals on the big screen!
There is only one major big problem: i can only see visualizations from the left deck; and worst, I can’t change the visualization pattern on that deck at all.
When i load a new song on the right deck, no visualization loads with it.
The only section where i can load and change visualization patterns is the looper section.
Important info: i cannot load visuals on the right deck without any peripherals connected either.
Please, help me!! I’ve spent a lot of money on this setup and it iso frustrating!
Why is that? Any configurations settings?
The software needs update?
Thank you very much for your concern!

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