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I’m frustrated

Vjay App + Behringer IS202

I have purchased booth Djay and Vjay but due to the lack of midi learn functionality I use djplayer with timecode and wondering about buy TouchVIZ and forget about Vjay too.

I can understand the partnershipping path and how it relays on app price on Djay but it is a bit difficult to understand why I should go airplay route when I have a native sound card with vga out at my Is202 dock...

I can easy make me a hardware video crossfader and solve the mixing with my other sources problem but I will love to midi learn and plug some midi controllers to my dock and vj.

I will try the suggested "hack" at this topic
due the lack of midi but I think is not fair to uses who support your apps this situation. If any brand releases an specific surface controller with video out capabilities I will go for it will be difficult someone release new hardware on old 32 pins connector (I have 3rd generation iPad) so...

What should I do? Forget Vjay?
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