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Photo of Ray Sherman
Pause/Play Not Working Periodically
Anyone having problems with the second deck (2 deck mode) play button not working periodically? I didn't have this problem until I update...
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Midi Clock
I'm sure I'm not the only one who would love to see a Midi Clock out of Djay Pro. It would be extremely helpful for DJs running synths, s...
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Photo of ERC NL
Version 2.1.1. Tracks out of tune
Since I ran Update 2.1.1. on my Mac and connected the CDJ2000nxs2 with USB to my Mac (as I always do) the tracks sound out of tone. I tri...
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Photo of Taylor Tony
djay Crash
Are you kidding me.... it always crashes, it is now unusable , unless you want to look a complete arse ! I have reported this time after ...
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Photo of Florian Fellmoser
chance from windows to mac
Hello, is it possible to switch from the Windows version to the Mac version for free ? I need a license key in the Mac version but I can'...
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