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Loop is Short
Getting a problem with Loop coming short and not corresponding to the beat. Happens on many songs. Mainly older songs. Occurs on al...
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Ableton Link
Wouldn't it be nice to sync djay with all those nice iOS drum machines? Djay on the iPad and elastic drums on the iPhone all in sync. T...
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Auto jump between cue points...
I was thinking it would be an awesome feature to auto jump between cue points. Maybe remove the cue point title in its window and replace...
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Pitch change after player reaches end of track
Hi, I get the problem that when in 4 player mode, 3 tracksare playing, and one is in loop, the loop changes pitch when one of the other t...
  • Andi Copesetic, 2 years ago

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Rewire for iOS?
Hi, I just found a nice app called "remixlive" for iOS and I was wondering if there is a "rewire" app or something that works like rewire...
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