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midi learn on iPad
There are a slew of controllers I wish were supported (faderfox in particular), midi learn for iPad would make that possible! Another app...
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Ableton Link
Wouldn't it be nice to sync djay with all those nice iOS drum machines? Djay on the iPad and elastic drums on the iPhone all in sync. T...
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save a loop
It would be cool if you could save a loop like a cue point . Load a song and recall the loop you have saved.
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slicing loops
I was playing around with the slicer. First i set a 8 beat loop with beatpad 2 and then I went to slicer mode. Soon as i press a pad it d...
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Cue point juggling
I would really like to see cue point juggling like Traktor Dj. It's rock solid. You can bash the cue points all day and the songs will...
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Why can't there be a setting to have sync on by default? Everytime you load a song you have to press sync. After a 4 hour set this is...
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beat jump
It would be great if you could add a beat jump in bars of 4 / 8 / 12 / 16 / 32 /64 . It's really useful when laying down cue points quic...
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