Midi Clock
I'm sure I'm not the only one who would love to see a Midi Clock out of Djay Pro. It would be extremely helpful for DJs running synths, s...
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iOS 13.1 broke DJay
Hi all After updating to iOS 13.1 beta ... Djay is now fully inoperable! iOS 13 was okay but the latest update has made the app half...
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No TestFlight for iOS 13 yet?
We are on the public beta 3 and changes are minimal at this point. When will we get to beta test Djay for iOS 13 to test the track load...
  • DJ Stratoferris, 6 months ago

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Ableton Link
Wouldn't it be nice to sync djay with all those nice iOS drum machines? Djay on the iPad and elastic drums on the iPhone all in sync. T...
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I bought a stereo splitter from Best Buy , and I turned out split out, the problem is I am hearing the same track on my headphone and spe...
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