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midi learn on iPad
There are a slew of controllers I wish were supported (faderfox in particular), midi learn for iPad would make that possible! Another app...
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Denon MC4000
Has anyone purchased the Denon MC4000? using djay pro. Thinking of purchasing one..... Just wanted to know if it would plug straight in...
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Denon MC 4000 support on iOS
OK, so the MC4000 is natively supported for you lucky folk with djay on your Mac. But for us folk without a Mac, could we have support fo...
  • [deleted user], 3 years ago

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Numark NS7 II support?
I've just returned back from BPM in Birmingham and had the joy of playing with the new Numark NS7 is seriously good fun and a mas...
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djay for Android
PLEASE make an Android version of djay, I have an ipod touch and I use the djay app for extra bass, i turn it up full and with my beats s...
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iOS 7
We are about a week away from iOS 7, is DJAY 2 compatible? What about the iDJ Pro? Should we wait to update or are they working on all ...
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