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midi learn on iPad
There are a slew of controllers I wish were supported (faderfox in particular), midi learn for iPad would make that possible! Another app...
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DJay 2 Crashed
So I played my first live show last night using the iDJ Pro and DJay 2, and encountered a few problems. First off, is there a way to r...
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iOS 7
We are about a week away from iOS 7, is DJAY 2 compatible? What about the iDJ Pro? Should we wait to update or are they working on all ...
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Update Djay 1
DJay 2 has serious BPM issues. I don't understand why or how, but it is a constant stress to work with compared to DJay 1. And yet it i...
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L | R split precue option for iDJ Pro?
Hi, I was wondering if on the iDJ pro there is a way to have the headphones split master and cue into the left and right channel of the h...
  • MDMAMGMT, 7 years ago

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