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Does Djay Pro still create a NowPlaying.txt file?
Pretty much just what the title says - does the newer app for the Mac still create the NowPlaying.txt file? I have a large LED marquee th...
  • Noah Ramon, 4 years ago

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Beef up the History features!
I've seen other people asking for making the history persist across sessions - I'd like to add my voice to that one. Secondly, I'd like t...
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djay for Android
PLEASE make an Android version of djay, I have an ipod touch and I use the djay app for extra bass, i turn it up full and with my beats s...
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DJay for Anrdoid?
Apple is already falling behind Android in pure number of devices activated on a month to month basis. With Android 4.1 Jellybean the ne...
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