Djay - Library Exclusions - or give us "Crates" please

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Hi there,

We need to be able to "tag" tracks within our library with "Exclude from view" so that the tracks/films being listed are no longer available.


Because there is no point in me seeing all the TV episodes or Films in my library view for the Djay application as I will never play them, so they just take up scroll space when scrolling through my tracks. (Song View)

Second, I might have 20+ albums on my iPad of other DJ sets by other DJ's that have been imported from iTunes, purely for my listening pleasure - but the tracks are not usable in Djay as they are mixed tracks - so I should be able to exclude them from my library so that they don't clog up my view. (Why would I put 30 DVDs and 25 CDs in my record box during a gig?? I wouldn't.)

All in all this is adding up to one simple thing: We need a dedicated feature in Djay for "Crate" management - a proper way of being able to organise our tunes into compartments that aren't necessarily "playlists" or anything "permanent". It also means that our tracks aren't "moved" - they could exist in multiple "Crates" depending on the requirement of the set / DJ.

In summary the library facility in Djay seems to be a "quick and dirty" iOS SDK plugin to an-otherwise brilliant application - please consider making this feature work in a much more intuitive fashion. (I accept that this may have been fine for versions 1.x - but now I have invested an extra £300 in an iDJ Pro - so please give me a "Pro" way of managing my tunes.)

I have raised this issue previously in this topic:

I made it quite clear then that when I want to play "Black Man" by Sabrynaah Pope all I get to see is this:

Black Man (Aca...
Black Man (Allia...
Black Man (Guir...
Black Man (Instr...
Black Man (Jami...
Black Man (Jami...
Black Man (Jami...
Black Man (Lac...
Black Man (Lac...
Black Man (Voc...

This was 3 months ago and no-one has commented either way, surely I can't be the only person who feels like this.

Incidentally, having now played a few parties now with the iDJ Pro and doing 2.5hr+ sets I can tell you that the track management is definitely the weakest area of the overall solution.

If someone (Warren?) could confirm that this issue is being taken seriously I would be grateful.

We're taking the time to think out and type out our feedback here, I think some sort of positive response would go a long way.

Many thanks.

Kind regards,

James Gillies
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Posted 7 years ago

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How has this not been answered??
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Hi Jacob,

This thread is a bit outdated. On Mac and iOS you are able to create folders directly in djay.

Can you further outline your case?