Inaccurate Looping - Loop going longer or shorter than desired

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First off - I love Djay. It's a really great, intuitive program.

Although it has one weird looping quirk that is really throwing me off. I'll hit "loop in". Then (when I I want me loop to end), I'll hit "loop out." Instead of ending the loop when I tell it to, Djay will either end it a bit beforehand or a bit afterwards.

For example, say I want a loop lasting from :35 to :38. I'll hit "loop in" at :35. Then I'll hit "loop out" at :38. Instead of the loop ending at :38, it'll end at :40. Unfortunately ending the loop at :40 doesn't sound good. I'll try over and over, but the loop refuses to end when I tell it to.

Any thoughts? Is some weird setting turned on?

I'm using 4.2, fyi.
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Posted 7 years ago

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Your talking to a dead horse. This has been complained about for over 4 years and nothing. This is one of the most basic functions one could imagine, but yet..... crickets. I don't think Algoriddim really cares. Since the user base already purchased the software, they don't stand to make any additional revenue from us that are complaining about the lack of his functionality. Of this is not the case, then excuse me, but this is what it feels like. Serato has this function, Virtual DJ has it, Mixx has it. So I don't see what the difficulty is in getting this accomplished.
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At the source of all these problems seems to be the beatgrid. djay has a very special (inconsistent) way to create one. And it's close to impossible to manually adjust it. Support has acknowledged the problem to me several times but it still remains to be fixed.
I even created a video on the subject to make sure they know exactly what the problem is

I'm the author of the DJ Conversion Utility that converts cues, loops, beatgrids and other metadata from Traktor Pro to Rekordbox DJ. And from both Traktor Pro and Rekordbox to Algoriddim's djay see
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Nice plug
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Still no fix I suppose? Also considering another tool because of this.
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I am guessing djay 2 Pro will have the same flaws, which is why I’m not buying that software for Mac or iOS
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I really like the app but this is total deal breaker for me.
I have a nicely quantized song and when i press loop 4 bars it loops 4 bars and a little bit extra and it destroys the whole loop. WHY O WHY???
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Oh no it sounds like this is a dead end.. i just bought Djay Pro for iPad and Mac plus a hardware controller only to find the looping is buggy. This is a disaster. Anyone from DJay team- should I jusy start returning and refunding everything or is this something you’re actively working on? Seriously guys this is a core feature you cannot afford to have it buggy like this. (As with others in this thread, seems to be on tracks with less obvious transients on the 1- Memory gospel by Moby is the one Im loking at right now). Please advise
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@lukas E

This bug is still not fixed, manual looping is the absolute basic prerequisite functionality for any DJ.
Will you guys update this?

Looping that always follows a Beat-Grids is ridiculous, is not the standard for any other DJ software (e.g. Traktor) and inhibits your creativity a lot

Please fix

Or try to loop "j balvin - reggaeton" yourself and you will observe that it will not loop the basic beat correctly.
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Having the same issue at this very moment.... upgraded to the new Djay (was running DJay 2 before), and have a section of a funk song that I'd like to loop, but it's going over by a whole 1/8th note.

I love the fact that we can (finally!) set the downbeat on any song, so shouldn't there be a way to manually correct (and automatically save) a loop section for any given song?
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Yes I would like to be able to fully set the loop points manually, we need a way to disable auto snap, or enable full manual loop set points, either way. 

Looking forward to seeing that fixed soon.

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Hi Nathan,

in djay Pro 2 for Mac a manual looping feature is implemented in order to have an option for not correct set auto loops.

Please open the loop tools and select Manual in the Loop Drop Down menu.