Loving the idea of Automix Queue but it crashes the app frequently

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As the title suggests, the Automix Queue in the iPad app is a great addition to what is already the best app on my iPad... great as far as the idea of automix queue that is. The implementation seems fine until for no unknown reason the app crashes and I am returned to the home screen. This happened to me twice last night and once last Friday - these are the only three times I used that feature and I had a packed pub at the time, so very embarassing.

I have had crashes in the past with previous versions of the app but have found this version to be the most stable and quickest to locate tracks etc, as long as I don't use the Automix Queue feature that is.

Here are some more of my observations:

When I have less than 1Gb available space on my iPad, djay runs very slowly and stutters a playing song when searching for another. I try to keep at least 4 Gb available space on the iPad.

iTunes content bought recently contains what would seem to be very large album artwork, whereas the older files seem to have smaller artwork attached. When full album art is displayed on the decks, the playing music can stutter and after running the app non-stop of a few hours it becomes unusably slow, resulting in a stop of music and kill app, restart being required. I have replaced most of my album art in my collection, sadly, to stop this from happening.

The autogain feature is ALWAYS way off in my experience, so much so that I have had to turn off the feature. When I play using automix and go with what it has chosen, the next track is Much Much too quiet and needs to have the gain changed by at least 25% of the slider, so way off what it should be. I have let itunes normalise the music and removed all music from ipad, resynched and it has all reappeared with most of the tracks now having pretty much the same volume level, my workaround for the meantime.

I would love to have a "save current state setting" feature where my volume levels, chosen playlist etc could be saved, so that when the app needs to be restarted or it has crashed, I don't need to spend an extra 20 seconds setting up the volume levels and browsing through playlists.

FYI: I have an iPad 2 3G, 64Gb, 7348 songs, 7Gb available storage, Apple composite cable to PA system.
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Posted 8 years ago

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Hi Däve,

Thanks for the detailed feedback.

About Automix Queue: Can you provide any steps that will definitely lead to an app crash? I've been experimenting quite a while now and still haven't been able to get it to crash.

About the stutters: This bug is difficult to reproduce as well. Thank you for posting your observations. I'll test this asap.

About Auto-Gain: This feature does not take the first song as reference. What about the third or fourth song? Do they have the same volume as the second song?

I also submitted your feature request!

Again, thanks for your help.
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Thanks for your reply, and the good news is that since your last update, around a week or so ago, I have not had the issues with the Automix Queue causing the app to crash. I used the feature last night and no longer suffer with crashes. So, thank you to your team for ironing that one out.

Since I had problems with stuttering on the device, I have not filled the device up to close to it's available limit, so I can't post an updatd status on this one.

I will test the Auto Gain feature again with headphones to test whether the volume levels are more "equal" for third and forth songs and let you know how I get on.

Thanks again for a wonderful tool