Please Allow Spotify OFFLINE

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Thanks for Spotify Integration, BUT

Please let us play our offline tracks, for those of us without internet connection.
Let us play the songs in our Playlists that we have downloaded from Spotify

I do understand you have to check to see if we are active subscribers to allow us to play our tracks, but maybe just have your app require you go online just once a week let's say,
After 1 week your app would not allow Spotify without internet,

The way it is now, i can't play my tracks on my Wifi Only ipad when in the car, or in places without wifi :-(
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Lee Varino

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Posted 6 years ago

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Steve Francesco

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So we are 5+ years on ... and still....... crickets

On who's door does this land ? Who is holding this much needed and requested feature up ?

If its Spotify we'll go bang on their door, if its Algoriddim we'll keep banging (our heads!) against yours in the hope that someone might answer.

As I said in a previous post, increasing the price of the software, means we as customers will demand better support with far more, and far faster communication than has been shown in the past (with some items taking years to even get a shred of a response from the staff).
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frank Cook

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Guys Unlimited cellular data has arrived - get over this!

Seriously, who doesn't have a millions songs on their hard drives these days. All loaded with cue points...

I almost never use Spotify live. 

It is useful when building sets at home, from which one then downloads the actual hardcopy, if you will of the track, if they think it fits in the mix. It is an awesome try before you buy feature, or great if you get stumped on an odd request or two.

Buy your music, and bring it with you!!!!

Or go with a the best cellar provider in your area, and stop worrying...
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frank Cook

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If you bought this software to gain access to free music, then I assume that you are also probably doing gigs using the automix. 

Both add up to not being a real DJ, IMO.

Stealing music, then charging a client for you to automix, gives us al a bad name...