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Photo of Nathan Kelly
Beat Jump
Would love a quantized beat jump feature. This makes track prep a breeze, not to mention the performance possibilities.
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Photo of Felix
I really hope someone can help me here. A few years back I bought the app for my iPad. Now I want to change and start on my Windows PC, i...
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Photo of Renato Novi
DDJ 1000SRT - Native on DJay Pro2
After downgrading my newly purchased DDJ-1000 late last year due be compatible with RekordBox, I am now, 1 year later, anxious to know wh...
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Photo of adam robson
Gemini MDJ900
Midi mapping Gemini MDJ900 with Djay pro, anyone had success with this, or any glitches? Looking to buy as a cheap option, but want to kn...
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