2 Great ideas for enhancing The software from a Dj with 43 years experience!!

I use Sam party DJ on my laptop. It’s a cut down version of a broadcast playout software system. One of the best features is its ability when in ‘play queue’ mode to play tracks with no gap. It simply will not allow a silent interval between tracks. This is an absolute godsend on some occasions. How about this as an option when choosing transition times?
The 2nd brilliant feature is its ability to show you what time tracks in your playlist will actually play. It works in real time and makes adding tracks a real pleasure as it updates if you add or delete a track. You can sit at home and compile a track list knowing exactly when each song will play and when - cool.
You can export these playlists but it won’t invert them to use against the order you played them- shame about that one but my 2 suggestions could be really usefull?

Thanks for your feedback!