2 NDX 500's Controlling One Deck

So I bought Djay Pro for Mac, and have now bought two Numark NDX500’s to use with it. I finished mapping up one of the CDJ’s with the first deck, works fine. And then plugged the second into my computer to map for the second deck, but Djay reads both of the CDJ’s as the same, so I cannot map with the second deck and have two CDJ’s controlling one deck. How do I stop this from happening and be able to use both Individual CDJ’s to control to separate decks on Djay? If i make two maps for the CDJ, then they both control both deck one and two. How do I ensure they are read as separate controllers and not the same?

As we’ve discussed via Mail:

djay Pro should be detecting your Numark controllers individually. However, they will use the same midi mapping, in case you only have one.

Please try the following:

  1. Open the Configurations window for your second NDX500
  2. Select the mapping for your first NDX500, click on “Edit Configurations”, mark the mapping, click on “Options” and “Duplicate”.
  3. Click on the new mapping and on “Done”

For the second mapping, you have to change the Targets, as you want the controller to focus on another Deck.

Hello! It would be really nice if you share your mapping with us! Thank you!