2 questions regarding Dj Pro for IOS

Hi Guys.

Thank you for a great app for the Ipad :slight_smile:
I have 2 questions regarding the app.

1: Is it possible to manually edit the text on a track ?
2: If you use a track where BPM changes in the song (Transitions for instance), the analysing only use one BPM, so if a track goes from, let`s say from 105 - 125 BPM, the analysing only use the 105 BPM.
How can I fix this ?

Thank you

Kind Regards

Hey flint…

  1. You can edit everything during playing the other song
  2. No workaround atm :cry:

Hi Sascha.

Thank you :slight_smile:
But how do you edit text on the track, while playing ?
Do I instead need third party ID3 tag software, or something ?

Kind Regards from Martin

Hey hey…you can’t edit text information inside djay, I was thinking you are talking about loop & cue points :grimacing:
If I download my wav files from Bandcamp I change title information in the files app.
For mp3 meta information I think you have to do it with a special software. I don’t know if there is an app for this in the App Store.

in fact Djay definitely need some track editing information inside the software… we need to be able to edit comments, rates, and so on …


Hi Sascha.

Thank you for the answer.
I found a work around regarding the text issues on some of my tracks. But it could be nice to have this in the future inside the software :slight_smile:

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