5 days since glitchy update (Djay 2), and not even a response from Algoriddim employees.....

…that they are aware of the problem and working on a fix ???
What kind of company is this??
And they got awarded for best music app??

I MEAN CMON, 5 days and not a single REPLY!

Hi guys,

Thanks for all your feedback and apologies about the silence on our side. We’ve been hard at work fixing the issues reported and an update will be published within the next days. Stay tuned…

Sorry about that. We’ve already sorted and fixed the underlying issue and unfortunately there is no way to make previous versions available. This will be released asap within the next days. Thanks again for your patience.

Thanks for the kind words Daniel.

As for your questions, yes djay Pro will run on any iPad 2 and up. The mini 2 has a powerful A7 64 bit processor so performance should be just fine.


I think they are working on it and update it soon.
They alwas fix it, but sometimes it takes a bit longer.

lets pray the will fix it before 2016 !

December is the party time we all agree…

Hello David, some of us have been literally refreshing this website hourly, and you just made my day with that reply :slight_smile: Thanks again and we are all looking forward for the update, hope it will be soon !!!

Also David, should the new app Djay PRO work without issues (especially no lag with grid lines) on the ipad mini 2? Or is it meant to be used only on Ipad PRO ??

Im planning to purchase Djay PRO in near future, but dont know if the hardware on ipad mini 2 is good enough,…

I had to use my old decks in case this failed. Maybe you could make the previous version available until you sort the problems