90% of the problems - MIDI MAPPING! FIX THIS!

Come on Algoriddim… 90% of the posts here are midi mapping problems. Do you see a problem with that? Map Pioneer, Map Denon, Map Traktor, etc…

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Exactly. Although, it doesn’t matter who wrote what. The message is clear. Algoriddim needs to step up their game. I’m tired of errors, instability, and slim to no support. This needs to stop! I’m going to go on YouTube and put them on blast. Every blog, every social media site. This is an outrage!

What exactly are you having problems with regarding the MIDI Mapping?

@Scott: I know about your problem with the LEDs on the Denon MC6000 but as already mentioned, it’s because the controller is not using standard MIDI protocol. I believe I’ve mentioned this right in the very beginning when you first asked about the mapping. We’ve found that this is the case with other Denon controllers as well. In this case, the LEDs can only be mapped by our dev team “in code”.

So you write EXACTLY what I wrote and asked people to do exactly what I asked them to do…?

And that was well over a a year ago. Since then, you released a new version with the exact same crappy midi mapping. Why didn’t you fix it then? Why does every other software company have no problem mapping the LED’s.?

Name me one software that can’t map the LED’s on these controllers? There are NONE! Your excuses are bull. Everyone else can do it, so you should be able to as well. Your excuses for terrible support and no updates are running VERY thin with your customers.

There will be a media blitz informing everyone what this software can’t do. Get ready.