A few ideas for Djay summed up. Wego3 / reloop beatpad related.

My ideas summed up:
For the Djay 2 software and the reloop beatpad.
First thing i have to say, it works pretty much flawless! Using it at my gig’s with spotify.
-Audio quality is good enough, could be better with a higher bitrate. But is nice and clear with my sound system (ev elx).
-please make the loop bounce start at 1 beat in stead of 1/2.
-please add a loop and effect indicator in the reloop software, like in the pioneer wego software. This would make looping and effects so much more conveniant. Looking at the pioneer part, it is allready in there somewhere.

As for the pioneer wego part in the software.
-please let users switch off scratch mode.
-if possible, please create a high/low pass filter effect, we can use in the pioneer wego software.

I think those are all of my ideas for now.

+1 on the looplength and fx Indikator for the reloop beatpad, this would improve the software immensely!
Please algoriddim update the iPad app soon! And integrate a 3rd or fourth deck! Or a way I can sample a part of a track to loop it… Would make it so much nicer for actual remixing!!!

I’m interesed on it

I buy a reloop beatpad + djay 2

And there is a lot of things that must be done.

I don’t even understand how things like Shift + Navigation for browse between folder as not made…

I hope that they will arrange that because I will change for a DJ software MORE PROFESSIONNAL.

Hi guys,

Thank you very much for your ideas!
We’ll definitely have an eye on them.

If you have further suggestions feel free to post them.