A few ideas from new WeGO3 owner...

Loving the tiny footprint of the WeGO3 and the way it works with Djay2, however nothing’s perfect so here are a few suggestions from me…

  1. Enable filter to be controlled via the controller, as per the WeGO2.

  2. For Jog FX have the option to switch between controlling the parameter level or dry/wet level with the jog wheels.

  3. Have some visual indication of current FX levels on the WeGO3 UI.

  4. Introduce the ability to adjust the pitch bend strength when using the jog wheels. I’m currently having to literally spin the jogs around and around just to correct a fractionally out beat. ***Is this actually a bug?***

  5. For those not using sync (not hating) have the option to have the bpm display either hidden or showing track’s original tempo.

+1 for these requests, especially the filter !

Thanks for posting your ideas.

I’ll be honest, I haven’t tried it with Serato or VDJ as a comparison yet. If it’s fine with those, it must be the mapping within Djay.

The filter thing must have been an oversight, surely.

Potential solution…

Non-playing deck - SHIFT + JOG = Search
Playing deck - SHIFT + JOG = Filter


I agree with the pitch bend and the filter situation. thought about contacting pioneer about the pitch been though