Access files/folders directly within djay

Hi Team, one question! I have all my music-files sorted in Folder usw. How can I surfe to them. At the moment I hopen the finder and drag und drop it. But I want do this job direct with the DJAY file browser. Is this question stupid ? Sorry I am nomaly a Windows user. Greeting RA

Hi Roland,

You can’t access folders directly within djay. BUT, what you can do is drag and drop an entire folder into djay’s Queue Box. Then you can simply load the songs from the Queue instead of opening Finder first. Tap the triangular icon in the bottom right corner to open the Queue Box.

Could this be added to DJay Pro for Mac?

I’m trying to leave virtual DJ for this and it’s annoying that I can’t get all my folders listed like VDJ does. I don’t want all my music in my iTunes Library!