activation code not working

bought vestax spin with djay software. activation code provided doesn’t work

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Just purchased TAUW MacLovin’ Bundle and activation code is not working.

I just purchased this app in the MacLovin Bundle from TAUW and the activation code is not working

Hi Carson,

Please send an email to support(at) with your license key and a copy of your purchase receipt so we can help you.

Hello ALGO-Team,
I just bought today VESTAX DJ SPIN in a bundle with DJAY 3.
The provided code on the back of the VESTAX SPIN body does not work.
DJAY keeps telling:
“The license key you entered is not correct. Please put in the license key exactly as provided”
That is what I do and did 20 times. Does not work.
The VESTAX SPIN is brand new from a retailer and was originally packed by VESTAX.
I need to get the DJAY software working TODAY. It is urgent.
Please help.
Thanx a lot.