"Add All Songs" option for Automix missing on iOS 7

Since I downloaded iOS 7 on my iPad 3 and updated Djay for iOS 7 in auto mix query when I try to load a playlist or album don’t see the button to load all tracks at once

It seems as if this system feature is no longer available on iOS 7. Our developers are aware of this issue and are already working on a solution.

“Add All Songs to Queue” has now been added to the main library in djay 2.2.

Click on “More” in a song list and select “Add All Songs to Queue”.

Please note that we cannot add this feature back to the media picker in Automix because it’s a “built-in” feature that we can use but not change.

djay 2.2 is or was the latest version (now it’s 2.2.1). Like I said in my previous reply, “Add All Songs” was a built-in system feature, which has unfortunately been removed. This is why we added it in the main library.

Which djay version are you using? To determine the version number, tap the gear button and scroll down to the bottom.

I hope there will be a solution the way it is now is a pain in the butt and time consuming when I use auto mix and load a playlist that’s like 400 songs on my I pad it takes forever

Hi Warren, I was wondering if you could tell me if the vjay app has automix also? and if so how to activate that feature. Thank You

Same problem here. Do you think you could put the “load all” feature back in the auto mix load. Also, it would be perfect if you could show the nested playlist folders in the regular playlist search (as you do in the auto mix query), instead of the playlists alone. The fact that they aren’t nested in their folders makes the playlist search almost unusable in real time. I love the app! Thanks.

When I select “playlists” in automix, I get a list my 5 general playlist folders. I then proceed with my search, through the subsequent nested folders. When I select “playlist” in the main library, I get one massive list of playlist folders and nested folders and playlists, hardly searchable. If this too, is a “built in” feature, then I would rather have them switched, so that what now appears in the auto mix playlist search, appears in the main library search, and vice versa. I hope I am making myself clear. This capability in the playlist search in the main library would be phenomenal! In auto mix, it isn’t as important. Awesome app! Thanks!

I have no idea what djay 2.2 is. Nor do I have the “Add All Songs to Queue,” under “more.” This is a huge inconvenience when I purchase more music from iTunes and try to add all songs to a playlist. It was so easy before.