Add auto-cut( two finger scratch) into Djay Pro for iphone and iPad

I was so excited when the auto-cut feature was added to DJay and I was equally disappointed to find out that this feature was not supported in DJay pro after I had already purchased the app. I would use this feature all the time. Please add auto-cut to DJay Pro and for those users that don’t want it, perhaps you can add a disabling feature. This would satisfy everyone.

Hi David Viramontes,

thank you for your feedback. We felt like the pro version is going to be used together with a controller, therefore we excluded the 2 finger scratch mode. Nevertheless we understand your issue and I forwarded your request internally.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

Lukas E.

That’s correct controllers are great. I do use a controller however I travel a lot and I don’t want to bring the big controller when I travel on business. It’s convenient to have a single platform for phone/iPad/laptop that could be used without the controller in situations when the controller is not convenient. I’m a huge Djay fan and love it because it’s mobile device functionality is incredible. Thanks for the reply.

Yes. Please add this back in.