Addition of the possibility (Melody - Harmonics - Bass - Drums) at the same time for hand mode

Dear devs,
i am using your app and i love it, its almost god given to me.
I not only use it with a pioneer controller, but on the go-to almost everyday with my iPad.
In the settings there is the possibility to decide between having the 3 knobs set to either
(Melody - Bass - Drums) OR (Melody - Harmonics - Drums)

If you would be able to conclude an advanced setting for tablet use, where there are 4 KNOBS, with every function (of course not possible for controller use, BUT with MIDI settings even then a possibility), that would be AMAZING for me. I guess it would open new possibilities for mixing music.

I dont know how much it would need for you to do, but it seems that this function almost exists in the AI Section, just not with the Buttons on the main view.

I am really looking forward for an advanced mixing function where one could use all the parts of a song to mix with other songs.

Greetings from a huge fan of your work!
And big thanks for what you gave me

Hi @Lukas01D,

Please see the screenshot below for iOS.

I see you edited the post and added a screenshot.

yeah i just added it to the pictures, this function is nice, but not really practicable for live mixing. Is it possible to bring this function down to the knobs on the main view, as a kind of expert mixing mode, to let it be usable well for mixing

I can pass this suggestion onto the dev team, but I suspect this would require too much of a change to the current GUI and cause issues when switching between regular EQs and Neural Mix EQs. Thanks for the suggestion though and please use the blue Vote button at the top left so we can gauge user demand for this.


  1. Also, you could MIDI map the 4 Neural Mix EQ controls to 4 knobs on your DJ Hardware (SHIFT+ Gain, High EQ, Mid EQ, Low EQ) or a secondary device like a Midi Fighter Twister to see if that gets you closer to the functionality you want.
  2. Here are the existing MIDI Commands in djay

true this is possible, but i mainly use the iPad and i would see great potential for this function.
Also a general change to the GUI would of course be too much, but i could see an mode in the settings, that would change the GUI from 3 to 4 knobs if wanted. Some kind of “advanced mixing function”. I´m really not into the programming things, but as you showed me the general function is already there with mixing AI a few clicks away, just not included into the Main GUI.

Yes, but this would either require changing the size of the existing EQ knobs, the overall EQ layout or adding another display mode. I’m not a programmer, but I suspect that’s not a quick implementation. Either way, I have shared your suggestion with the dev team for consideration. Thanks again for sharing!

Yeah true, it would definetly require another GUI that comes with activating the setting. Thank you very much for passing the suggestion.
Big love to Algoriddim, every euro worth i´m paying

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Now if we could only have the EQ remember its setting when we use Neural Mix Eq,
That would be a huge improvement

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