Adjusting 2 tracks’ bpm at the same time using sync/pitch fader?

I’m new to djay Pro (using version 5.1.3) and I am trying to simultaneously changing the BPM of both tracks while they’re synced and I’m not sure if it’s even possible or I just don’t have the correct settings. I’m currently using djay Pro iOS on an iPad Pro and my controller is the Numark NS4FX.

I was able to this with my controller on Serato and I’ve been messing around trying to emulate this on djay Pro, I’m not sure if it’s possible though so I figured I’d ask here. Here’s the breakdown of exactly what I did on Serato:

Track A - originally 145 bpm
Track B - originally 130 bpm
sync track B to A (both 145 bpm) & mix track B into track A
while mixing I use the pitch fader on track B to slow both track A and B down to ~135 bpm before I’m finished mixing track A out

Currently no combination of sync settings (BPM vs BPM+beats, sync vs sync+tempo sync) will allow me to do this. I’ve tried syncing both A to B and B to A etc etc, but my track B will just unsync and follow whatever bpm I’ve set my pitch fader to. I have the “exit sync on pause, scratch, or cue jump” turned off.

Anyone got any advice, know if I’m doing something wrong or if there’s any work around this?

Enable sync on both decks.

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Could you make a video of this behavior for me. It’s best to upload it to YouTube and then put the link here.

Hi @shoobydoo,

  1. In additional to enabling Sync on both decks, thanks @PKtheDJ, you need to understand Master Tempo
  2. Please refer to the linked discussion on how djay determines the Master Deck. Once you understand this, you will know which of your 2 Tempo Faders you need to move for both tracks to change BPM together.
  3. Pitch Fader Delay - Soft Takeover - #16 by Slak_Jaw

I did more messing around and yes, deck 1 is my master deck and deck 2 is my slave deck. so I’m able to control both bpms with my deck 1 pitch fader but not deck 2. Even when syncing both tracks this holds true. Personally I hate using my deck 1 pitch fader since I almost always accidentally hit my platters which are capacitive. It’s in a really awkward spot since my deck isn’t mirrored and I’m used to using deck 2 pitch fader since it’s easier to quickly access. Also I dj in VR often so I really go by the feel/memory of my controller and again deck 2 is optimal for that. Logically it makes sense that if I sync both, both pitch faders should become “master” and if I want to change 1 bpm independentally then I would unsync.

Is this a hard and fast rule that deck 1 is master and deck 2 is the slave? Or is there another work around?

EDIT: I read deeper into the post linked and realized my deck 1 was the master because the vol fader was up, slight oversight. With both vol faders up both tracks are affected by either pitch fader!

Thanks for all you’re help!

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You’re welcome @shoobydoo. Glad to hear that solved it. Thanks for the follow up.

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That’s what would be expected. Why would you want/need to do this with one fader down? :man_shrugging:

I was doing it without my controller last night on the app and didn’t realize my deck 2 vol fader was down. Just trying to get it to work and not actually playing the tracks. I’m still getting used to the ipad app view toggles, coming from the Mac version the view is a bit more limited so it’s easy to miss some of those things.

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