Adjustment length of music and quiet transition 5-10 sec to next song

I playing Ballroom Dance music in my studio on our dance social - and i would like to ask your help - simple thing for you for sure. I using DJay on the MAC and just now download DJay PRO (trial version - if that will help i can buy that…):
I need to play music in AUTOMIX from i_tunes play list:

  1. with 2:15 long each song
  2. between each song/melody have to be quietness with 5 to 10 seconds and then next melody/song have to start
    I know that simple - but please help me with that…

As we’ve discussed via Email, there’s no way of getting quietness between tracks when using the Automix. However, if you decide on playing tracks on their full length, you can increase the “Duration” time to get a very long Fade-In.