After continuing with Djay Pro my cues (visible in Djay 4.3.2). are not visible in Djay Pro

My cues visible in Djay 4.3.2. are not visible in Djay Pro
Same iTunes library - same .plist - same set list – same tracks – but not the same cues!
Not all cues appear in DjayPro only a few.
Anyone the same problem.

I’ve seen the same problem in that Djay Pro is missing many cue points I’ve set using Djay on my Mac. I’ve reported it to Algoriddem directly and their support person tells me that they believe it’s a bug and are working on it. You may also want to report the bug via:…

Was this issue fixed in the recent 1.0.1 update? If so, it still isn’t working for me.

Good news. Hopefully it can be resolved quickly. For what it’s worth, I also have this problem.

We’ve been able to identify the problem and our team is already working on a solution.

No, sorry. This is not yet fixed in 1.0.1

6 months to a year for updates.


Thanks for the information. Yes, it looks like a bug and I will reoprt it to the help desk.

Ok. That would be great. How long will it take? Any idea? Do you need to publish an update?

the plists of djay 2 and djay pro (iOS/MacOS) are identical. So if you copy them to the proper location (and make sure they got the right name) you should be fine.
Due to Apple’s sandbox policy djay 2 can NOT see the information of djay Pro and vice versa.

When will this be fixed???

Recueing thousands of songs is not good!