AIODJ / The best cable for use whit your Ipad/Iphone and DJAY

Hi DJ friends,

Now we sell two diferent AIODJ split cable models, JACK or DOCK type. Please check.

New desing for AIODJ DOCK type cable.
The best splitter cable for use whit your Ipad/Ipad 2/Ipad3 or Iphone and DJAY app.
The AIOdj cable will revolutionize the way you DJ with the Ipad or Iphone!
AIODJ DOCK cable is the only All In One cable you need to DJ. There is no need to buy separate cables, just plug in your Headphones, mixer, Amp, Ipad or Iphone and start DJing!
AIOdj splitter cables are compatible whit the most DJ apps designed for Ipad & Iphone(ej: Djay, Redbull BMP, etc)

Best regards